In this pandemic situation, people are attending their meeting and conference in zoom. Now a day’s half of the world is working remotely due to this COVID -19. Audio places a vital role in the conference and meeting. So you should check the audio level every time while using zoom meeting calls. Sometimes Pc microphones not work on zoom on that time you should change your zoom setting. Before attending the conference or meeting check whether it is mute or unmute. If you are mute your audio then your teammate will not hear you.


Things to follow

  • You ensure your microphone is not on mute.
  • You should allow zoom to access your audio.
  • Test your speaker and adjust the volume of the audio
  • Refresh or restart your pc
  • Ensure that the microphone is working are not
  • If your microphone is not working you need to restart your pc

Audio quality

You should check the audio quality of the microphone before attending any meeting. If you restart your pc it will bring audio back to your zoom. You need to check before using zoom or else others will not understand what you’re speaking. Sometimes pc microphones will not give the best audio quality so if you are not convenient in this you can buy a separate microphone. You should ensure your microphone is properly connected or not. if the issues persist you can also look for an advanced audio setting offered by zoom. But most of the people are using a separate microphone to avoid any kind of disturbance.


It is a temporary issue if you change your zoom setting you will not face any disturbance so you can fix microphone in zoom. Update your pc to get a good audio. Most people will not prefer to use a pc microphone because every time we need to check the audio, so you will not be able to concentrate on your work. But if you change the zoom advanced setting audio level you will not hear background noises. Based upon your convenience and comfort you can use a pc microphone or a separate microphone. The advanced audio settings in zoom are mainly designed to reduce the background noises.

Bottom line

It is not a permanent issue if you change a zoom advanced setting then you can get a good audio quality .So you can also use a pc microphone on zoom.