You are able to use Bluetooth dongles on your TV when your TV contains a USB Bluetooth dongle adapter. USB bluetooth dongle means it transmits and also collects the Bluetooth wireless signal and gives TV audio as an output. It is an inexpensive and most common device like pen drive, OTG. Less cost Bluetooth also works well for more applications.

USB dongle size become3.5mm range and it also give wireless audio adapters for headphones. From the Bluetooth setting, you can able to activate USB dongle in your TV so it will denote a USB Bluetooth dongle work on a TV.

How to connect TV and bluetooth dongle:

In some smart TVs, you should install the latest OS to adapt it and this USB is an easy choice when you need it because it is more compatible. It is convenient for nearby connectivity without troubles of wire and cables.These are smarter and easy which is available anywhere and easy to use. In addition, by using this Bluetooth speaker or headphones are also easily connect with your TV.

You can use Bluetooth too, pair with multiple devices likes mobile, laptop and give as one input using Bluetooth dongle it is one of the best parts in USB Bluetooth dongle benefits.


This will allow your TV to connect wirelessly and connect between other electronic devices like headphones. You can also pair Bluetooth headphones with it and often mute our TV’S external speakers.

You can transfer the photos, videos and audios by using this. It is used as an external speaker. It is small so, we can easy to carry anywhere.


Bluetooth have a low-speed connection but USB connection will always give high-speed .so you will not worry about the internet connection. It will not contain batteries but will give high power forever.

By connecting this simultaneously, stream audio into also while watching TV, gaming .with this USB dongle you have extension cable and jack. The extension cable is used to connect the USB to the cables and jack is used for the output of the headset and the audio.

Bluetooth adapter

From this technology, we never able to hear or see any delay between image and sound while it is watching a movie.

It is also powered through a USB port; you do not have power problems, which give us, power always.

In receiver mode, this can connect with Bluetooth, headphones, speaker etc.

Bottom line

Whether it is a smart TV or normal TV you can use a Bluetooth adapter. Even though it is a tiny device we can able to pair mobile, pcand speaker.