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About Fairlane Folk Fest

We are a growing COMMUNITY of like-minded Producers, Musicians, and Sound Designers who all share a desire to do more than just listen to the music we love.

As a Music School for both aspiring and experienced artists alike, Fairlane Folk Fest’s mission is to inspire and enable it’s students to achieve their creative goals. Classes are kept intimate, in one-of-a-kind, hands-on, lab environments.

Our people are a talented tribe of musically diverse Educators and Artists focused on working with like-minded Partners to bring the Fairlane Folk Fest Experience to the world!

Fairlane Folk Fest Online stems from the same idea that founded Fairlane Folk Fest; music technology is only as good as the music you make. Following this philosophy, our online courses remain focused on your musical progress throughout your time as a student and a part of our community.
Fairlane Folk Fest’s Online Curriculum is presented in a linear format, but students are encouraged to move at their own pace. Our students should be motivated by the progress of their musical creations.